Membership Dues 2023





  • Individual
  • $40

    Jan 1-Dec 31

    Full Unrestricted Individual Membership

  • Associate
  • $15

    Jan 1-Dec 31

    Additional Family Member Limited Membership

  • Junior
  • $10

    Jan 1-Dec 31

    Ages 12-17 Parent Signature Required

  • Life
  • $500


    See Bylaws Requirements

  • Senior Life
  • $300


    Age 65 or greater. See Bylaws

  • Initiation Fee
  • $10

    Junior Members Exempt

    All New Applications and Membership Upgrades

    Renewals After January 31 Will Be Considered As New Application

    Dues are payable annually no later than December 31st for the coming year. Members that do not pay their membership dues by December 31st are not considered in "good standing". New or delinquent members must pay an initiation fee prior to acceptance by the club membership. Any member whose dues remain unpaid after January 31st will be considered a delinquent member and shall automatically lose membership and all rights and privileges in the club. Delinquent members must be voted in as new members upon submission of a new member application. New Junior Members are exempt from paying an initiation fee. Any new, first time member who joins in November or later shall have their membership considered paid through the next calendar/fiscal year.

    See Bylaws For Details

    Bylaws and Club Rules Can Be Found HERE

    Check box to agree to Club Rules and Bylaws

    All new members must submit a Waiver and Hold Harmless Form
    Download Here

    Guest Waiver and Hold Harmless Form
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